Don’t get sued! stop slips, trips and falls this winter

If the weather outside is blustery and cold, make sure your place of business is controlled. Keep your customers safe from the risk of falling and yourself safe from the risk of getting sued.

How do you prepare yourself and your place of business against any legal risk this winter? Take some preventative measures and you’ll save yourself the chance of facing a costly legal battle this winter.

Develop A Snow Removal Policy

Prepare an official policy in your place of business that shows you have taken active measures to clear any build-up of snow. It’s impossible to get 100% of the snow cleared immediately, but with a policy in place, you’ll have a legal standing to back up your efforts. Most provinces, including Ontario, allow for 24 hours after the snow stops falling to clear the snow.  This could also include hiring the services of a professional service to clear the snow for your business.

Keep the Floors Clean and Clear

Snow and ice can quickly get tracked inside in a big storm. Keep your front entrance clean and clear from any water or ice. Place a large mat in the front to encourage your visitors to clear their feet when they enter. Mop up any spills or water immediately.  Put down a sign visible to anybody entering to watch for slippery floors in case the floors get covered with water.

Assign Responsible Parties for Certain Areas

If you place of business has stairs or walkways, make it the responsibility of a certain person to clear and salt those areas. By assigning specific responsibility, you’ll ensure that there isn’t any confusion about who should’ve done the job in the first place.

Keep Signage Clear

To protect yourself from legal ramifications and your customers from harm, put out signs warning of potential hazards around the property. Walk around and identify those areas that present the most risk and install clear warnings to all who are in the area of potential slips and falls. By showing that you have taken preventative measures, you can protect yourself legally against any potentially damaging lawsuits.

Hold Safety Meetings for Employees

A big cost to businesses in this winter season is a lawsuit from employees who’ve taken a fall on the job site. It’s not always outsiders who need to be warned, it’s the employees themselves. Keep them safe and your business protected by holding documented meetings to discuss the hazards around the site of falls and trips. Lost productivity and legal costs can really dig into a business’s finances.

Save yourself this winter by taking some simple steps to protect yourself legally from any unwanted lawsuits. Don’t let slips and falls take down your business.

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