Dallas Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels cost thousands of dollars to install and, because of this, they usually come with long warranties of 10 to 25 years. That warranty makes most owners feel better about their purchase, but what if you have a problem and you found out the warranty is void? Yes, this can happen and for a reason you might not think of: you neglected to get regular panel cleaning. Cleaning of your panels is so vital to continued efficiency, that many manufacturers stipulate that you must have proof of regular cleaning in order to make claims on your warranty.

How Often Should You Get Dallas Solar Panel Cleaning?

Your manufacturer may have specific requirements about the frequency of your cleaning but here are some guidelines:  In an urban or suburban area like Dallas, panels should be cleaned about every 6-8 months.

Factors that will affect how often you need cleaning include:Slant of Panels: If your panels are not steeply tilted then they are likely to need more frequent cleaning because debris won’t naturally fall off.

High Energy Bills: The more expensive your electricity costs, the more worthwhile it is to get more frequent cleaning to improve output.

Amount of Dust/Dirty Blown onto Your Panels: This can vary throughout the year, but if you’re able to see dust on your windows, it’s likely they need to be cleaned.

Drought Times: While Houston definitely has its share of rain and humidity, there are times when there is less rain and your panels will be more likely to get dusty.

Protect Your Investment with Dallas Solar Panel Cleaning

Aside from keeping your warranty valid, regular cleaning increases efficiency and reduces your electricity costs. Aurum helps you protect your investment with solar panel cleaning Dallas business and homeowners can rely on. Call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a no obligation quote.