Dallas Gutter Guard Installation

Are you tired of having to clean your gutters or getting leaks and clogs every spring? Gutter cleaning is a necessary job that no one likes to do or have to think about. It’s can also be dangerous due to having to be on a ladder for an extended period of time risking a fall and hurting your arms and back. Avoid this  with expert Aurum gutter guard installation.

What is a Dallas Gutter Guard System?

Gutter guards, also called leaf guards or gutter screens, are thin grates that are installed over your gutters to prevent large debris from getting in and clogging your system. This greatly reduces the need for gutter cleaning which can be a dangerous task as it involves standing on a ladder for an extended period of time.

Facts About Gutter Guard, Dallas

If you’re still on the fence about gutter guards, consider these facts and benefits:

  • They can be placed over existing gutters for even greater convenience.
  • Prevent nests from birds and rodents from being built in your gutters.
  • Extend the life of your gutters by preventing rust and sagging due to heavy debris.
  • Helps prevent freezing which can weight your gutters down and cause leaks.
  • Reduces fire damage by keeping twigs and leaves off your roof. These materials add to fire risks because they catch on fire so easily.

Dallas Gutter Guard Guarantee

Experience the difference the “Gold Guarantee” makes when you get our trained and insured technicians to install your guards and service your gutters. We also offer gutter clean to ensure your guards are installed over a clean slate.

All of our Dallas gutter guard installations and other services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you never have to worry about the quality you’re getting. When you contact Aurum we’ll assess your property and recommend products and services that work for you, your schedule and your budget and never anything you don’t need.Call Aurum at 800-749-0532 for gutter guard, Dallas area installation and receive a FREE quote.

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