Dallas Festive Lights Installation

Have the kind of holiday display that people drive out of their way to see. Every year, we all hear about the homes and businesses that have the kind of light displays that people flock to. As a business owner, this not only increases your reputation with the community, it can lead to direct sales. Even understated designs can be viewed positively and encourage people to check out your establishment. Aurum specializes in Dallas festive lights installations which serve as advertising, decoration and more.

Dallas Festive Lights for Every Occasion

While the winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s are the most popular lighting themes, we are able to install Dallas festive lights for all occasions including:Autumn Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving can both be big draws for some businesses. They are also less common to decorate for so your building will stand out even more.

4th of July: Independence Day is another big holiday for some businesses. We can create a red, white, and blue lighting theme around picnic areas, concert halls, storefronts, residential buildings and more. Memorial Day and Labor Day work well with similar schemes and can be used throughout summer.

Monochromatic Lighting: Many businesses opt for non-holiday specific lighting in a single color like white or blue that can be used year-round. This works especially well along rooftops and in trees.

Advertising Lighting: We can install lighting to spell out your business’s name or logo as part of a holiday lighting display or during special promotions.

Indoor Lighting: Tall ceilings can make your space look open and dramatic but decorating can be extremely difficult but it’s not problem for experts. We have the right tools and know-how for indoor lighting as well.Don’t see the lighting type you want listed? No worries! Call our lighting experts at 800-749-0532 and we’ll discuss your needs, schedule and budget to form a design perfect for your commercial space. See why Aurum installs the festive lights Dallas business owners prefer!

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