Snow Removal

While snow can be a beautiful thing on a Sunday morning when your toughest obligation is to make coffee, it’s far less fun to look at when it’s mid-week and it’s blocking the entrance to your business. Aurum’s snow removal services make it possible for you to enjoy the snow without it disrupting your business by offering a flat, per-season fee. So, no matter how much of the white stuff we get, your business is covered!

Aurum Advantage for Snow Removal, Toronto

As with all of our services, Aurum sets ourselves apart from the competition by identifying our customers’ problems and focusing our efforts on providing superior solutions.  To make your business, your community and your life better, we offer the following advantages:

  • Flat Rate Snow Removal: Toronto area customers can rest easy knowing that we’ll be out to your property whenever there is more than 5 cm of snow accumulation. Unlike other companies, we charge by the season instead of per visit.
  • Automatic Service: Because of our flat rate, we’re able to provide immediate service whenever there is a 5-cm accumulation. This means you don’t have to call for service or wonder if you’ll be able to use your driveways and sidewalks when you get to work.
  • Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt: At Aurum , we use Green Ice Melt to safely melt ice on your property. Better for the environment and for you, Green Ice Melt causes less corrosion than traditional ice melt.
  • Professional Equipment and Expertly Trained Crew: We regularly service and replace our equipment and train our crew to ensure we provide the most efficient snow removal services.

The Gold Guarantee for Snow Removal, Toronto

We’re dedicated to your 100% satisfaction and will work hard to provide superior service each time. If there is ever an issue or you need emergency snow removal, Toronto area customers can reach us at our 24/7 emergency line: 1 800 749 5168.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on our fast, convenient snow removal services!