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Are your employees or customers complaining about the temperature in your business? The issue might not be your heating and cooling system, but your windows. If your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed, outside air can get in and dramatically affect the temperature in your building. Not only is this uncomfortable, it could be costing you tons on your energy bills. Aurum helps you combat this problem with our professional Calgary window caulking services.

How Much Money Are You Losing? 

While drafts are noticeably inconvenient in terms of temperature, many owners don’t realize just how much money they’re losing on a monthly basis due to that. Your heating and cooling bills could reflect up to a 20% loss of efficiency from window cracks. Even for a small property this can add up to hundreds every year and if you have a sprawling or multi-story building, this will result in thousands of additional expenses.

Environmental Impact: Insufficient insulation and window sealing puts a strain on your heating and cooling system which typically uses one or more fuel sources that have a negative impact on the environment. These include coal, crude oil and other fossil fuels.

Attract Customers with a Greener Business: With rising awareness of our impact on the environment, many people seek out products and companies that strive to be environmentally friendly. Combining our Calgary window caulking services along with our other green options, include gutter and carpet cleaning can make you a more attractive, and progressive business.

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Are you ready to do more for your business, the environment and your wallet with expert window caulking? Calgary business owners can call Aurum at 800-749-0532 to talk to our knowledgeable representatives and request a free quote for any of our services.

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