Solar Panel Cleaning, Calgary

Aurum’s commitment to our environment and our customers has led us to take our green initiatives to Calgary solar panel cleaning. Calgary business owners can now get the most from their solar power by using our expert cleaning techniques to increase efficiency and energy output. We have the knowledge and equipment to get this job done safely and securely for you and our community.

Why You Need Professional Solar Panel Cleaning, Calgary

Calgary solar panel cleaning is more than just an aesthetic issue or a way to eke out a tiny bit more energy. Studies by The World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology and The National Renewable Energy Laboratory have found that panels lose up to a quarter of their efficiency when not clean. This not only affects the longevity of your panels but also increases your monthly energy bills.

Warranty Considerations: As an expensive item, solar panels typically come with long warranties of up to 25 years. While these warranties cover many situations, manufacturers often won’t honor them unless you can prove you’ve kept up with regular maintenance which includes professional cleaning.

How Often Should You Get Calgary Solar Panel Cleaning?

These factors will determine how often your panels will need cleaning:

  • Warranty: When deciding how often to get your panels cleaned, first check your warranty requirements.
  • Panel Slant: Generally, flat panels require more frequent cleaning than slanted ones since debris won’t naturally fall off.
  • Energy Bills: If you notice you’re spending more on your energy bills, more frequent cleanings may be worth it.
  • Weather Conditions:  While rain doesn’t complete clean your panels, it does help. So, if there has been little to no rain for some time, your panels are likely in need of cleaning to pick up the slack.

Protect your investment with Aurum’s Calgary solar panel cleaning services. Call us today at 800-749-0532 to get started on a better, more efficient tomorrow!