Snow Removal, Calgary

Calgary residents aren’t afraid of a little snow, but when the accumulation gets deep enough, Aurum is here to help keep this city keep running smoothly. We offer fast, efficient Calgary snow removal for businesses so you never have to miss a day because of snow. The Aurum commitment to your safety and the smooth operation of your business can mean the difference between a productive word day and thousands in lost revenue.

What You Should Know About Aurum Snow Removal, Calgary

There are many factors that set Aurum apart from our competition and make our services the best for your business. When choosing your Calgary snow removal company, consider these factors:

  • One Price Per Season: In a city like Calgary where snowfall is so common, we take a different approach than other companies. Instead of charging you per removal or having a limit on how many times we will come out to your property, we charge a flat rate per season. This means even during the worst possible Calgary winters, you’ll never have to worry about if our crew is on the way after a heavy snow. We are and will be each time!
  • Greener, Cleaner Products: We’ve done away with salt and chloride-based ice melters and, instead, use Green Ice Melt. This environmentally friendly product won’t corrode cement or damage your car like traditional deicers.
  • Superior Crew and Equipment: We believe in investing in our employees and our equipment to give you better service and to promote the wellbeing of our company. Aurum provides training and resources for their safety and yours.

The Gold Guarantee for Snow Removal, Calgary

Our Calgary snow removal comes with the “Gold Guarantee” for your 100% satisfaction. To learn more about what our promise means for your business, call us at 1-800-749-0532 to set up a free, no-obligation cost estimate.