Avoid these 5 festive light failings!

It’s just about the season for the holidays. There’s so much to think about, so much to do and plan, that hanging lights can be an unwelcome burden on top of all the other moving pieces. Whether it’s for your home or for your business, if you do decide to hang your own lights this holiday season, there’s a chance that you could be making one of these 5 mistakes. Could you plead guilty to one of these festive light crimes?

 1.  Taking Your Life in Your Hands

At Foothills Hospital in Calgary, over a 10 year period, 40 critical injuries were recorded as a result of hanging holiday lights, 2 of which led to death. There were a further 400, less-serious, injuries that were directly caused by this holiday tradition over the same period. Hanging festive lights is just plain dangerous. Take one tangled string of lights from last year, toss in a darkened night, throw in a few rogue patches of black ice, and on top of that add the heights of a rooftop or ladder—you could have a recipe for disaster.

 2.  Poor Quality Lights

Nothing says “amateur” quite like a poorly hung string of lights. You know what I’m talking about. It goes one of two ways:

1) Those homes and businesses that have one measly string of lights, some bulbs are burnt out and the whole thing looks more flop than festive. Half the roof is covered; only the bottom of the tree is done, and the colours are strewn about without thought or plan.

2) Those who don’t know when enough is enough – they must have bought out the local hardware store because the building can be seen from a mile away! These places cross the line into tacky territory and we shudder to think of what their next hydro bill looks like.

 3.  Leaving it to The Last Minute

Every other house and business on the street is decorated, and your place is conspicuously dark. The lack of lights just reinforces that you left it too long to get done, and you didn’t call in the experts to handle it for you. Contact an experienced company (there are plenty of them out there!) to handle your residential or commercial festive lighting if you don’t think you’ll have the time.

 4.  Lack of Consistent Maintenance

If you have a string of lights that you hang every year, it’s most likely thrown into a storage box for 11 months. If you’re not using a professional holiday light service to both store and hang your lights, you’re likely going to end up with a string of lights that probably should be thrown out, rather than put up. Tangles, broken bulbs, and snarled wires can easily occur when not properly maintained, and do you really want to give over precious storage space in your home or business for something that is only used once a year?

 5.  Leaving Them Up Too Long

The last sign that you’re not up to the task of hanging lights is that you leave them up too long. You can try and tell yourself you’re celebrating Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, but everyone knows that you just never got around to taking them down yourself. Save yourself the hassle by using the professionals who will take them down at the appropriate time every year, and store them for you, too!

Don’t put your safety or your reputation at risk by doing your own holiday lights this year. At best, you could be showing off sub-par decorating skills. At worst, you could be risking life and limb to do a less-than-average job. Leave it to the professionals and focus your holiday season on enjoying family and friends.

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