7 Features prospective tenants want commercial

As a commercial property manager, it is all about being competitive.

You need to market your property to top commercial tenants, and you want those tenants fighting for a spot in your building.

To keep a competitive edge, you must deliver the features and amenities that today’s commercial tenant wants out of their next lease. By doing so, you will not only attract the stable tenants, but you can also attract those tenants who are willing to put forth extra on their lease payment just to rent in your building.

What 7 Features Attract The Best Tenants?

Two facts drive tenants to a commercial building regardless of the economy: cost and location. While these are critical decision-making factors, the features that come with that monthly price and the location matter too.

1. Proximity To Public Transit

More companies are going green, and with the Millennials jumping into the workforce, more employees take public transit than drive their vehicle. In fact, an article by The Rockefeller Foundation highlights that access to public transportation is a top criterion for Millennials deciding where to live and work. By having an office location near bus, train and other public transit hotspots, you have already given yourself a leg up on the competition.

2. Updated Curb Appeal

Your office building’s exterior can quickly quash a potential tenant’s interest. Hire a professional landscaper to get grass and flower bed areas cleaned up. Then, don’t forget exterior cleaning and maintenance, such as having the windows cleaned or caulked.

If the paint is worn or there are cracks in the stucco, consider resurfacing the exterior too. The more presentable the outside, the better for the prospective tenant’s customers; and, the more demand you will have to your property.

3. Properly Maintained Interior

No one will pay extra for an interior that is ill-maintained. The interior of the building should have cleaned offices and sanitized bathrooms. Regular janitorial services could be offered as part of your building’s amenities; meaning, tenants will not have to pay to keep their offices clean.

Also, regular maintenance should be done, including maintaining heating and cooling systems, having the plumbing examined, and lights replaced.

4. Increased Security

Secured facilities can attract all types of tenants and provide others with peace-of-mind. Companies that have employees putting in long hours or working overnight will want the extra security for their staff. Even if your neighborhood is safe, going the extra mile to keep tenants safe will pay off.

5. Add In Parking And Make It Accessible

One of the first things prospective tenants look for is parking access, and how easy it is for their customers to use. The parking lot should be paved, outlines present, and easy to access. It also should be well-lit and if the budget allows, have security cameras.

6. Clean Carpeting Throughout

High-traffic areas will need the carpets cleaned more frequently. A prospective tenant does not want to rent from a company that has filthy carpets, and they sure won’t pay over market value for it either.

Have the carpets professionally cleaned each time a tenant moves out. Steam is the most sanitary way to clean carpets, according to the IICRC. Replace any carpeting that is torn as well to reduce hazards.

7. Add Energy-Saving Improvements

A tenant will spend more if they can save more in the end. Adding in energy-saving improvements, such as an Energy Star heating and cooling system, rooftop wind turbines, and other energy-conscious upgrades mean a tenant will not pay as much on utilities. According to The Guardian, more tenants look for sustainability.

You Can Attract The Best Tenants With A Little Work

Most of these upgrades and fixes will not take much time or cost a lot from the budget, but they will deliver big results.

To keep up with the demands of today’s tenant, enlist the help of a professional that is dedicated to keeping your property safe and presentable. More importantly, look for a maintenance company that offers green services; it is just another opportunity to attract eco-conscious tenants.

Keep up with the demands of maintenance and make your property shine for prospective tenants. Enlist the commercial services of Aurum Window Cleaning today. We offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions for today’s offices. Schedule your service at 800-749-0532 or contact us online.

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