5 Hacks Only Professional Cleaners Know

We chatted with a few cleaning professionals and they let us in on the best tips that will keep your home looking spick-and-span.  From fingerprints on the refrigerator to streaky wine glasses, they give us the solutions for it all. Here are 5 cleaning hacks only professional cleaners know:

1. The Power of Olive Oil

To get rid of those pesky fingerprints on your fridge, you can use a drop of olive oil on a paper towel to bring the shine back to the stainless steel while in turn, get rid of any fingerprints.  Be sure to buff in the oil (going with the stainless’ grain) and then wipe of any excess with a clean paper towel.

2. Cornstarch

Adding a teaspoon of cornstarch to a cup of water and a cup of white vinegar will turn your glass cleaner into the best solution you have ever seen. Glass becomes crystal clear and has an unbeatable shine. The cornstarch acts as an exfoliator that helps work away stuck-on grime.

3. White Chalk

A stick of white chalk actually has the power to remove grease stains! Rub the chalk on the stain and it will help absorb the oil. Afterwards, launder as usual and you will see a spotlessly clean clothing item. This trick works on butter, cooking oil, salad dressing, and other related stains.

4. Ziploc Bag

Sometimes, we have things that can’t go in the washing machine but desperately should be in there (like a sweaty helmet). A quick tip to get rid of the smell is by putting the helmet in an extra large Ziploc bag and putting it in the freezer overnight. The cold air in your freezer will kill the bacteria and eliminate the unattractive scent.

5. Pulling the Vacuum

Our fifth and final secret might blow your mind and make your realize that you’ve been vacuuming wrong your entire life. Pushing the vacuum forward mostly just gets it into the right position. The action that actually removes any dirt and grime is pulling the vacuum back toward you. Thus, slow down on the pull back for a cleaner carpet!

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