5 Commercial maintenance tasks fall

As the cooler temperatures make their way in, your to-do list should be growing; not shrinking.

Fall is prime time for maintenance on your commercial property. There are to-do’s that must be tackled before the temperatures get too cold, and to ensure your tenants have a safe, reliable office building for winter.

While you may already have a fall to-do checklist going on for your properties, there are a few things you may want to add to make sure your commercial properties are in tip-top shape.

1. Power Washing Surfaces

Over the summer, pollen and dust has stuck to walls, walkways, and even siding. Hire a power washing professional to wash away this debris and leave the exterior of your building clean. You will want to pressure wash before it gets too cold; otherwise, the dirt and debris will freeze to the surface and will require chemical cleaning in the spring.

2. Gutter Cleaning And Inspections

Fall is the ideal time to check gutters for clogs. All it takes is a single clog to cause floods inside the property, destruction to painted surfaces, and even to the roof. Clogged gutters can also damage your commercial building’s foundation. Check for any clogged areas, including downspouts. Then, make sure there are no leaks in the gutter system.

3. Caulking And Weatherproofing Doors And Windows

Caulking is used to seal air leaks through pinhole cracks and gaps that occur in building materials; typically windows. Caulk is best applied in the fall before it gets too cold. Once the temperatures drop, the surface is too cold for the caulk to adhere and it will not be as effective.

Also, doors and other surfaces that move need proper weather-stripping. Weather-stripping prevents air leaks and reduces heat exchange so that a commercial property stays warm all winter long.

4. Seal Foundation And Driveway Cracks

If there are cracks in the pavement of driveways, parking lots, or even the concrete surfaces of your commercial property’s foundation, fall is the ideal time to seal them.

Water can seep into the cracks of these surfaces and freeze when the temperatures drop low enough. When water freezes, it expands, which will widen the crack even further. According to Popular Mechanics, driveways and pavement should be patched, then sealed in the fall.

5. Window Cleaning

While most commercial properties clean their windows in the spring, this is purely for aesthetics. In the winter, grime and dirt left on the windows will freeze and stick; which means the need for a chemical solvent in the springtime. Avoid the hassles and costs of window cleaning later by having the windows professionally cleaned in the fall.

Hire Maintenance Professionals To Prepare Your Commercial Property For Fall

Instead of tackling the to-do list on your own, hire a professional to help you get your commercial properties in shape. Aurum Window Cleaning can handle all of your commercial maintenance needs, from power washing to window cleaning and even carpet steaming.

Contact Aurum Window Cleaning today to explore our commercial services and get your building tuned-up and ready for fall. Call 800-749-0532 or contact us online.

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