4 Ways maintain curb appeal your locations year round

It can be extremely difficult to manage the curb appeal of your commercial properties from a distance if you have multiple locations or you are managing operations off-site. The right partner will be able to provide you with the transparency into property maintenance you need to keep things running smoothly. One study from Clemson University found that hiring a professional maintenance and landscaping company to create a beautiful outdoor space can provide a 100% return on your investment. Also if you are a retailer, 40% of walk-in purchases are impulse buys and you will want to take advantage of all of them.

How Can You Improve Your Curb Appeal?

  1. Start With The Parking Lot

If you can, drive to your store or high-rise building and take the opportunity to view it as an outsider might. How does the lot look? Is it plowed? Is clean or is there garbage blowing around creating an eyesore? Does the building look inviting? There may be things you are not used to noticing like dirty, faded signage or other high-attention areas that are making the property look run down.

  1. Be Consistent With Landscaping

In an economy that continues to worsen, and with budgets that continue to tighten, property owners and managers can be quick to overlook the importance of establishing and maintaining a high standard for something like landscaping. However, overlooking landscaping can become a roadblock by giving people the wrong impression. Tall unkempt grass and wild looking bushes give off the impression of carelessness, which is off-putting. Conversely, freshly cut grass with crisp edges and perfectly groomed shrubbery looks well cared for and instills trust, if only subconsciously.

In addition to creating a visual impression on people, landscaping also serves legitimate functional purpose. If you are living in an area with 4 seasons like we are in Canada, neglecting landscaping can result in access issues. Having snow removal when you need it is  a must. Poor property maintenance in the winter can create a dangerous environment from snow, ice and icicles which should be prevented.

  1. Don’t Forget Interiors

In a window shopping context, display windows or views into your location play a role in creating curb appeal. Mess, clutter, dirty windows and doors can be visible from the outside. Display windows are one of the most compelling ways to drive pedestrians inside, so it’s critical to keep them in top condition.

In the context of corporate high-rise lobbies, the concept of “curb appeal” can really extend to inside the foyer too. Installing impressive holiday decorations or making sure hard-to-reach chandeliers are kept in immaculate condition creates a great impression.

4. Clean The Windows (At Least) Every Quarter

We often get asked how often office building windows need to get cleaned. The answer is actually slightly more complicated than you would think. Generally we would recommend getting windows cleaned about once every 3 to 4 months, however this can change depending on several factors. For example, if your property is surrounded by trees, usually you will need to clean the windows a bit more often as they attract birds, insects and produce debris in the form of leaves, seeds and so on.

Another factor is weather. In areas that get more rain, commercial buildings tend to need to get their windows cleaned more often to remove some of the mineral deposits caused by the water. The last factor that may impact the necessity of cleaning is location. Buildings situated in dense city centers get covered in pollution and dirt from the added traffic and need to be cleaned the most frequently.

In conclusion, clean it up! Wash the windows and entranceways so that your properties look new and attractive. Get rid of any spots or stains on the exterior of the building and the signage. You may want to hire a professional crew to clean your location once a month or so to maintain the appearance of your business.

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