3 Things overlooked post construction cleanup

After the dust has settled and the construction is over, it is time for you to have your building cleaned up and readied for the new tenants.

Unfortunately, there are many issues with post-construction clean-up, and when you do not hire the right professional to do the job, these items are easily overlooked.

If you take a look around the construction site, you will quickly see you have an enormous task ahead of you. From the dust and dirt to construction crew leave-behinds and more.

The good news is hiring the right professional means you can get the property back into shape and ensure those overlooked items are taken care of before you open up the property once again.

Whether you are the construction company finishing up the job or the property manager preparing the building for a new tenant, there are three items that you cannot afford to overlook during clean-up.

1. Schedule Cleaning For The Right Time

Most likely the construction itself is on a tight deadline. Cleaning must be scheduled at just the right time to get the job done, while not disrupting final construction tasks going on too. You may want to hire a professional cleaning crew to start the process as the construction crew is finishing up.

As each room is complete, the crew can work behind them. While final touches are being placed on certain areas, the team can still clean up significant debris and trash.

It is best to schedule time for cleaning in the overall construction timeline, that way you are not rushing to complete the clean-up job while other trades are trying to finish their tasks.

2. Builders Risk Charge Backs

It is a construction company’s duty to leave the premises clean and sanitary. As a construction company, you could be charged back if you do not clean the property correctly — and often you and your crew will not have time to do this, nor the training that a janitorial service has.

Consider scheduling a professional to come in and clean up once you and your crew have completed the construction. That way you can move on to the next project, and not worry about leaving construction team members behind to clean.

3. Proper Care Of A Newly Constructed Building

Not all cleaning services are rated for construction clean-up nor do they know how to handle a building that has been remodeled or just built. Hiring a company that specializes in this type of service as well as general maintenance or janitorial services could be beneficial.

The company could then take over all maintenance long after the initial clean-up is done, as they would already be familiar with the building and have a process in place.

Hire A Professional And Have The Site Cleaned Right The First Time

Professionals know how to adhere to the Government’s rules for waste disposal, especially when it comes from a construction site.

If you have just had your commercial property remodeled, or you have a newly constructed commercial property, you need to call in a professional to tackle the job and ensure it is done right.

Aurum Window Cleaning offers post-construction clean up services. We handle the trash, dust, debris, and hazardous materials with expert-level care. After the job is done, we can continue to maintain your property with our cleaning and maintenance services.

Learn more by contacting Aurum Window Cleaning today at 800-749-0532 or request more information by contacting us online.

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