3 Things look for snow removal company

As a commercial property manager, you know when the snow falls, it is your legal duty to have it cleared as soon as possible. This is when you turn to a professional snow removal company.

Wet, heavy snow is dangerous to those walking through your properties and can affect your tenants; therefore, having it removed quickly is important.

To find the right snow removal company, you need to perform your due diligence and do some background research on the company. That way you can ensure that when the first snowflake falls this winter, the company you hired will be there to clean it up.

3 Attributes Of A Reliable Snow Removal Company

Snow removal companies come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are strictly snow removal; meaning, they start up in the winter, and that is the single service they provide. Others offer snow removal as part of their commercial service package. Regardless of how they operate, there are three features you want in a reliable company.

1. Proper Insurance

Never allow a snow removal company to work on your properties without insurance. If they were to damage the building, landscaping, or even vehicles in the parking lot, you do not need that on your dime.

A professional snow removal service will be insured up to an appropriate amount, usually in the millions.

Request proof of insurance through their insurance certificate. If the company cannot provide one, do not use them. While it is not required by the Government of Canada, it is highly recommended all snow removal services have some form of insurance.

2. The Fine Print Of Their Service Contract

When you hire a company for snow removal, you will sign a service contract. This is where reading the fine print is critical.

Some companies will only remove snow when it reaches a specific height or volume, and they will also have a maximum amount of snow they will remove or salt that they will lay throughout the season. You do not need limitations such as this when you are trying to keep a property safe. You can avoid getting stuck paying additional fees for snow removal in a year of abundant snowfall by reading the fine print in the service contract and making sure you understand all aspects of what you are signing on for.

While this goes without saying, you should also never work with a company that doesn’t have a written service agreement.

3. Speed of Snow Removal

You have hired a company, the snow has fallen, and they are nowhere to be found.

This is not the situation you want to find yourself in after hiring a professional. Most snow falls in the evening or middle of the night, and you want a company that will respond regardless of the hour.

Look for a company that offers a timely response to snowfall, and if you hire them for more than one commercial property, make sure they have the capacity to clear all of your properties before they open for business.

Considering snowfall can be as high as 322 centimeters in some areas, according to the Government of Canada, responsiveness is a must for any company.

Remove Snow Using The Aurum

Snow removal should not be a hassle for property managers.

Aurum Window Cleaning can help keep your commercial properties safe with our professional snow removal services. We offer clear contracts with unlimited site visits, timely removal, and we are insured so you can be sure your property is protected.

Request a quote for snow removal before winter hits by contacting Aurum Window Cleaning today at 800-749-0532 or contact us online.

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