10 Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Routine

As homeowners ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for cleaning hacks to make home care easier. Luckily, we found 10 tricks using items easily found around your home that will transform your cleaning routine for the better.

1. Cleaning Your Sponge

Sponges pick up an abundance of bacteria, especially if they’re left in the sink. A simple way to remove this bacteria is popping your sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds. Crazy, right? Just wait a couple minutes before pulling it out because it will be hot! Don’t have a microwave? Throw your sponge in the dish washer and it’ll remove bacteria just as well.

2. Removing Hard Water Spots

Sometimes, hard water spots are difficult to remove from your sink faucet. A genius pro-tip is to cloak a rag in vinegar and scrub away the residue. Seriously, try it for yourself. It’ll change your life.

3. Getting Your Laundry Brighter

We all want our clothes to stay as bright and clean as they were when we bought them. Sadly, with every wash our clothes just seem to fade more and more. We’ve got the solution. Add a cup of baking soda into the wash and your clothes will come out even brighter and cleaner than when you bought them!

4. Cleaning Your Couch

Baking soda actually has the power to remove lingering smells AND break up any stains on the fabric. Seriously, what CAN’T baking soda do? Simply brush off the surface of the couch and sprinkle some baking soda on the area you want clean. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then remove the powder with a vacuum. VOILÁ!

5. Removing Dust and Dirt

Clean up dust and dirt from around your house using strong adhesive tape or a lint roller. You’ll be able to pick up dust, dirt and crumbs from lamp shades, drawers, fabrics… basically anywhere!

6. Whitening Your Sneakers

We all want a strong shoe game. To achieve this lifelong goal, our shoes can’t be looking dirty. A quick and easy tip is to get an old toothbrush and use it to scrub a little bit of toothpaste onto the white parts of your sneakers. The paste will remove scuff marks and discolouration, leaving your shoes bright and shiny!

7. Speed Up Your Clothes-Drying Process

If you’re in a hurry to have your clothes dry, throw a dry towel into the dryer with your wet clothes and it’ll help soak up the excess moisture!

8. The Lazy Person’s Way To Clean A Blender

Put some warm water and dish soap into your blender and press start! The soapy mixture will clean your blender in 30 seconds flat. Simply rinse the bender out afterwards and dry!

9. Freshen Up Your Room

Grab a dryer sheet and tape it to your air conditioning vent. Your room will smell like lavender in seconds and you’ll literally never have to light another candle again!

10. Clean Your Toilet Brush

Always keep a small amount of dish soap at the bottom of your toilet brush pan.

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